Dr. Forszpaniak received his Medical Degree from Mikulicz Institute of Surgery in Wroclaw, Poland. Following his surgical residency and specialty in general surgery, he became Assistant Professor of Surgery and Clinical Instructor in Surgical Anatomy at the Mikulicz Institute of Surgery in Wroclaw. After completing his surgical training in Poland,  Dr. Forszpaniak participated in a surgical exchange program for cancer research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, New York. Upon fulfillment of this program, he completed  his surgical residency in general surgery at Wycoff Heights Hospital, Downstate Medical Center at State University Hospital, Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, where he later became Chief Surgical Resident overseeing the departments of surgery, surgical oncology, plastic surgery and breast related services. 

Dr. Forszpaniak has completed Mini Residencies in anesthesiology, pathology, radiology (including mammography), urology, vascular and general surgery, gynecological, plastic, orthopedic, endoscopic, colorectal and pediatric surgeries.  He has trained and worked with many leading breast cancer experts in the USA and Europe.  An advocate of patient education, he has made numeous media appearances as well as presenting and lecturing on a regional, national and international level.  He has received many honors including the Florida Breast Forum and America's Top Breast Surgeons.   From 2005-2007, Dr. Forszpaniak was the only surgeon to participate in Radiation Treatment Dosimetry (planning) for his cancer patients. He is also renowned for his innovations in Vascular Surgical Instruments for ALND and creating the Forszpaniak Tunneling Technique for breast surgery.

A pioneer of breast surgery and breast related and diagnostic services, Dr. Forszpaniak always provides cutting edge diagnostic treatment to his patients.  In 1999 he introduced Stereotactic Core Needle Breast Biopsy for early detection of breast cancer in Southwest Florida.  He is the first surgeon in the United States to implant a commercially available brachytherapy catheter for treatment of breast cancer after FDA approval.  His publication, "MammoSite Balloon Brachytherapy:  Errors, Pitfalls, and Technical Issues for a Practicing Surgeon" is the largest study published in the Breast Journal for Practicing Breast Surgeons.
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Dr. Jan Forszpaniak is the Medical Director of Naples Breast Surgery Center, a division of 21st Century Oncology.  He is European board certified in General Surgery  with a specialty in breast cancer and breast related disorders, and Board Eligible in  General Surgery by the American College of Surgeons.   
Dr. Forszpaniak has successfully met and demonstrated the criteria and requirements for the Mastery of Breast Surgery Program offered through The American Society of Breast Surgeons.